Wealthpoint Investment Portfolios

Our investment portfolios aim to outperform standard market returns by being based on a sound investment philosophy. This forms the cornerstone of our investment strategy and is supported by thorough research. When you invest in a Wealthpoint Portfolios your money is invested in a number of different managed funds that have been individually selected based on strict criteria by our investment professionals. We offer a range of five investment portfolios with different risk profiles. Your adviser will help you choose which investment portfolio is best for you depending on your investment needs and preferences.

The Investment Portfolios

There are five Wealthpoint Investment Portfolios that you are able to invest in with the help of your adviser. Their target annual return objectives are shown below.

Capital Plus

Cash + 2.5%

A moderate portfolio that aims to beat what can be earned from cash and term deposits. It aims to achieve a return that will exceed inflation with only moderate price variations in the portfolio balance, with a focus on capital protection.

Strategic Income

Cash + 3.25%

The Strategic Income portfolio is a moderate portfolio that aims to exceed what can be earned from cash or term deposits and provides a regular income though the payment of a monthly distribution.

Market Plus

Cash + 3.75%

The Market Plus is a balanced long-term portfolio that will have your money invested in a balance between growth and defensive assets. It aims to provide some capital stability, with an acceptance of some volatility in exchange for the potential of a higher return.

Optimum Growth

Cash + 5%

This is a long-term growth portfolio that will have a higher proportion of your money in growth assets both here and offshore. It aims to achieve capital growth over the long term, with an acceptance of a high level of volatility to achieve this.

Aggressive Growth

Cash + 6%

The Aggressive Growth Portfolio is almost entirely invested in growth assets and aims to achieve greater long-term returns, with an acceptance of significant movements in the capital value of investments; both up and down.

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