Buying a Property

Whether you're buying your first house, upgrading to something better, buying an investment property or just rearranging your finances, Wealthpoint can help with a range of mortgage solutions from some of New Zealand's leading mortgage providers.

Home Loans

Mortgages can be complex, especially understanding affordability, deposit requirements or situations where bridging finance is required when moving from one property to another. We can help navigate these complexities with a wide range of mortgage products and providers making this a hassle free process.

Investment Property

If you’re interested in developing your residential or commercial property portfolio, Wealthpoint advisers can help. We provide access to a wide range of lenders to help you find the right solution to your needs, while helping you navigate the ever-shifting bank lending criteria.

Debt Management

We can offer advice on consolidating, refinancing or restructuring your existing debt. By considering a range of different options such as whether to split your current debt into fixed or flexible terms, setting interest rates on different terms and having the flexibility to make extra repayments all help to save you money and become debt free faster.

Mortgage Top Up

Unlocking the equity in your existing property gives you the freedom to borrow more to finance projects big and small. Whether this is to make renovations, purchase an additional property or to fund other purchases, such as a car or family holiday, we can help look at mortgage top up options to suit your needs.

Our Lending Partners