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Wealthpoint provides a wide range of business support services to member businesses and these help our members deliver high-quality advice and product solutions you can trust. Wealthpoint holds a Financial Advice Provider (FAP) license, which means we take regulatory responsibility for the advice provided by our advisers.

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Wealthpoint stands behind the advice of our advisers

This is because of the confidence we have in them to deliver high standards through our systems and processes. These are the key components of our best practice systems.

Wealthpoint Approved
Product List

Wealthpoint advisers have access to a wide range of approved insurers, fund managers and lenders. Our approved product partners are only selected from New Zealand’s leading financial services companies.

Independent advice

Wealthpoint protects the independence of our advisers by ensuring supplier arrangements exclude any sales targets, quotas or sales incentives. You can rely on your adviser for independent advice that delivers you the best possible outcome.

Professional Standards Manual

All Wealthpoint advisers operate under the guidance of a Professional Standards Manual. This outlines the key steps of our best practice Advice Process, general conduct standards and regulatory obligations.

Wealthpoint Practicing Certificate

All Wealthpoint advisers must keep a current Practicing Certificate which demonstrates completion of industry qualifications, technical product training and other ongoing professional development requirements.

Advice Quality Assurance

All Wealthpoint advisers are assessed on a regular basis by our specialist internal compliance team. This ensures our high standards are maintained and that client solutions fully account for your unique needs and financial situation.

Professional Development and Training

Wealthpoint is committed to continuous improvement and have a specialist Professional Development team that deliver regular training programmes to our members so you can be sure their knowledge is up to date.

Client response

Wealthpoint is a member of the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman scheme which provides a pathway for clients in the event you are dissatisfied with the service or advice received from a Wealthpoint adviser.

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