Insuring Your Assets

We have a wide range of domestic and commercial insurance solutions to help protect your valuable possessions from damage or loss. Whether this is home, contents or vehicle covers or specialist insurance for your business, farm, key people or professional indemnity, we can help with our comprehensive and competitive cover options.

Domestic Insurance

Domestic insurance includes popular covers such as home, contents and vehicle insurance, including boats, caravans and motorcycles. It also extends to insurance for you and your family if you travel overseas and suffer loss, have disrupted travel plans or require medical treatment.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance covers your business assets such as buildings, equipment and fleet from accidental damage or loss. We also have a range of industry specific cover options, such as marine, aviation, forestry or construction.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers, Statutory Liability and a range of other insurance types. These protect individuals from claims arising from allegations of professional negligence or from decisions made in the course of business. We also provide Cyber Insurance, which helps fund the resolution and mitigation of impacts from malicious cyber attacks.

Business Interruption

We can protect you from unexpected disruption to your business caused by certain risks covered in the policy such as natural disasters, fire, burglary, or other unplanned events. Business interruption insurance helps to keep your business running by covering fixed expenses and potential loss of revenue and profits.

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