A Member-owned Co-operative

Wealthpoint is a co-operative owned by a network of 50 financial services advisory businesses, operating from more than 70 locations across New Zealand. With over 150 advisers covering life, health and general insurance, investments, Kiwisaver and mortgages, Wealthpoint is one of New Zealand’s largest independent financial adviser groups.

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Our Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of Wealthpoint drive all operational and strategic decisions and support Wealthpoint’s purpose, which is to make it easier for members to run successful businesses so they can deliver trusted advice to their clients.

We leave members in control of their businesses.
We are led by members, for members.
We deliver positive customer outcomes.
We have aligned interests and work with trusted people.
We make sustainable decisions for long term gain.
We direct profit for the benefit of member shareholders.

Owned by Members

Member businesses all own an equal share of Wealthpoint and there are no non-trading shareholders. This is important as it ensures capital value is retained in the wider network.

Three year commitment

New entrants purchase a shareholding which gives them the same rights as existing members. While these shares must be sold if a business chooses to leave the network, no barriers exist to prevent a business from leaving with their client base.

FAP coverage

As a licensed FAP, Wealthpoint takes full regulatory responsibility for advisers that operate under the FAP and stands behind the advice they provide to clients.

Fully funded offering

Wealthpoint covers many operating costs for Member businesses. This includes technology, license costs, PI premiums, quality assurance reviews, professional development costs and IFSO fees.

Membership cost

Wealthpoint applies a monthly membership fee and deducts a Co-Op Retention per commission settlement averaging around 4.5%. This is used to fund the development of the member value proposition. The Wealthpoint Board has set a strategic objective of reducing membership costs over time.

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