Wealthpoint West Auckland

Wealthpoint West Auckland’s greatest passion is navigating the daunting journey with first-home buyers. Nothing brings us greater joy than providing full guidance and support towards making their dreams a reality in a reliable and efficient process that they understand. We are truly there for them, when and where they need it most. It’s one of many reasons why we are here in the financial space. This mandate also flows through to our belief that the navigation of a home-owners journey does not end when the loan settles. We believe all homeowners are entitled to live the lifestyle they want, and achieve their goals and ambitions, whilst maintaining and paying down their home loan faster. To facilitate this, we provide dedicated support in refinancing and loan maintenance as well.

As a company, we prioritize our competency to changes in the market, legislation, best practices and all financial products and services with our providers to ensure our clients are provided with up-to-date reliable guidance (whether it be in the fine-tuning of loan structures to the right selection of products and services offered), ensuring they are always given quality advice to their best advantage. We won’t stop until we get it right. True ‘fit-for-purpose’ is key with us and for our clients and we will endeavour with you, for you, until that is achieved.

We love and value all our clients and hold their best interest at heart just like how we would for our own family members. Because of this, we also ensure that all our clients and their future is taken care of too. We believe in the legacy of our clients hence we have committed interest in their personal risk insurance plans and are able to provide advice and assistance in this sector where needed.

Let us join you on your journey and allow us to help you navigate it from start to end.


1 Dalmeny Close, Murrays Bay, Auckland, New Zealand