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Peter Seligman is a seasoned financial planning professional with over two decades of experience, having worked in the UK and Singapore, Peter is now based in New Zealand at LMS Insure, Hawkes Bay. Specialising in investment management, KiwiSaver, financial scenario planning, and UK pension transfers (QROPS), Peter works with clients to help them feel comfortable and confident with their finances and excited about the future.

Peter works with a wide range of clients, from busy professionals to business owners safeguarding assets for future generations – and trustees ensuring prudent financial management within trusts.

Empowering individuals to achieve their ambitions effectively, Peter utilises specialist software and leveraging decades of experience, he provides tailored guidance and actionable strategies, turning aspirations into reality with clarity and precision.

Whether it’s protecting assets, planning legacies, or managing trust finances, Peter is committed to providing structured support that helps clients navigate their financial journey with confidence.


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