Our Team

David Gyde

David became an AMP Adviser in 1991 and worked for a number of years building a client base in Christchurch.

Nigel Rukuwai

Nigel has been an Adviser in Nelson for the last 16 years and prior to that, a Sales Manager with AMP for 18 years. 

Simon Manning
Chief Executive Officer
Simon Manning has been CEO of Wealthpoint since the company formed in early 2019. 
Craig Kura

Craig's main role since 2011 has been Managing Director/ Principal of AMP South which rebranded to Total Life.co in 2019.  

Tyrone Maullin

Tyrone Maullin is an Adviser in the Waikato who has 20 years’ experience  in insurance, both in South Africa and New Zealand.

Scott Russell
Scott is a third generation Adviser and has been around the industry his entire life.
Jayne Redfern
Executive Secretary

Jayne runs the day-to-day operations and also does a lot of work on behalf of the Adviser Welfare Trust

Rose McNair
Bookkeeper / Project Manager

Rose manages our accounts, administration and any special projects for Wealthpoint such as enhancing Xero

Cathy Hanna
Communications Manager

Cathy joined our team as our Communications Manager in October 2018.

Tanya Turchie
Events Manager

Tanya brings with her over 25 years of Events Management experience.

Peter Mangin
Head of Technology

Peter is an experienced technology leader, with a broad range of technology and business skills.

Jack Lynskey
Head of Legal, Compliance and Conduct

Jack is an experienced lawyer and compliance professional with a background in financial services